Harvey Water Softeners Expands Reach to North East of England

The UK’s leading water softener manufacturer, Harvey Water Softeners, has today announced its expansion into the North of England as the company continues its rapid growth trajectory.

Harvey has expanded its operations within the North of England to cover Yorkshire, Doncaster, Hull, and Lincoln – four of several key hard water areas in the UK. Registered Harvey traders will also offer a no obligation, money back guarantee, three-month trial of its landmark, eco-friendly softener – the Smart Harvey Arc – to customers in these areas.

The news of Harvey Water Softeners’ expansion comes as energy bills continue to rise and households look for ways to save on their outgoings – with recent data from Harvey showing that households in the North of England, that are located in hard water regions, could save approximately £676 a year on their energy bills by installing a water softener in their home.

Limescale, a by-product of hard water when it dries, can accumulate to a build-up of around 1.5mm within an internal plumbing system over the course of a year. This can result in an increase of 28% to average fuel costs by causing blockages in pipework and boilers, reducing heating efficiency in the process.

According to research by Harvey, 60% of households in the UK live in a hard water area such as Yorkshire – equating to around 13 million homes in total.

Tony Jones, General Manager at Harvey Water Softeners, said: “We are delighted to be expanding our operations to the North of England, bringing with us our expert understanding of how to tackle the perils of limescale for hundreds of thousands of residents living in hard water areas.

Softened water can benefit everyone, which is why there are flexible payment options available and a variety of sizes to fit any home, with friendly UK-based experts on hand for ongoing support.”

Alongside its selection of water softeners, the Harvey’s product range also includes drinking water filters, 3-in-1 taps and instant boiling taps which support households in reducing single use plastic and glass consumption and allow for clearer workspaces, with the added convenience of instantly accessible boiling hot water and filtered drinking water.

News of the expansion follows the recent growth of the company, which announced an annual revenue of £41.4m for 2021 – an increase of 26% since 2018.

Households can find out how hard the water is in their local area via the Harvey Hard Water checker. Hard water is measured in parts per million (PPM), noting how many particles of hardness are dissolved in the water – with anything over 200ppm considered to be hard water.

According to research from Harvey: Yorkshire has a water hardness reading of 291.1ppm; Doncaster has a water hardness reading of 274.2ppm; Hull has a water hardness reading of 352.8ppm; and Lincoln has a water hardness reading of 403.4ppm.

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