Simple tips for fashion conscious mums

5 Simple Tips For Fashion Conscious Mums

Mother knows best, right? However, we know that whilst taking care of everyone but yourself, what you’re wearing can become the last of your priorities.

We’ve rounded up our top 5 essential tips to take you from drab to fab when dropping the kids off at school or lunch with your friends.

Nothing revolutionary. We’re keeping things simple because who’s wearing haute couture to pilates? These aren’t rules per se. But take note of these tips if you never want to hide from people you know when you’re doing your food shopping ever again.

Tip 1: Invest in your basics

There’s no shame in dressing your children in supermarket clothes when you’re faced with growth spurts and the aftermath of playing out. But you deserve to invest in a few high quality pieces for your own wardrobe.

Our number 1 tip to easily implement into your style is to invest in staple pieces that stand the test of time. Think M&S and Zara for your jeans, plain cotton t-shirts and knitwear over Primark and Matalan. Why the brand bias, you may ask? The designers of the former brands tend to design their classic pieces with more fashion-forward silhouettes that can take your basic outfit to the next level. Not to mention, with superior quality garments you’ll never have to worry about looking shabby no matter how quickly you threw it on.

However, with great style comes great responsibility. There’s no point investing in your classic pieces if you’re not going to take care of them. Limescale build-up can affect your washing machine more than you realise. Nothing will ruin your effortless white t-shirt and mum jeans ensemble more than the stiff, harsh feeling of clothes washed in hard water. In extremely hard water, the fabric fibres of your clothes can even break and create holes due to the mineral coating.


Tip 2: A good coat can hide a multitude of sins

Elevate your school run style with an elegant coat to throw on over anything. Trends come and go so the key here is to buy an elegant coat that you can take through the years.

Take note: camel is the new black!. The classic camel coat with its refined beige brown tones is more durable than white or black that can fade over time, and it take you through every season. If you’re not already sold, a chic brown mac is so versatile that you can dress it up with tailored pieces for work and jeans and trainers for play. Don’t think you have to splash your cash – coats this style are available from nearly every fashion brand now for every budget.

Tip 3: L is for loungewear

We’re not here to shame any pyjama mamas but the world is a cruel place. If you’re over the judgemental looks at the supermarket, school playground and petrol station then it’s time to play the haters at their own game. Never heard of loungewear? It’s the new type of stylish and comfy attire that you can (you guessed it) lounge in.

Rather than your favourite flannel pyjama set, think chic tracksuits and knitwear in elegant hues that are perfect for everything from running errands, to going to the airport. Next time you need to nip out the house but the thought of proper clothing makes you want to cry, you’ll be thanking us when you have something presentable and comfortable to jump into.

You can find loungewear from retailers like Next and The White Company. Pair with your new camel coat and favourite trainers to look so trendy that people think you’re trying.

Tip 4: Flats are made for walking

Unless you’re a cast member of The Real Housewives of Cheshire, no one is expecting you to wear heels every day (unless you can, in which case you deserve a medal).

No matter what your style, there’s a flat shoe that suits every fashion conscious mum that you can chase your children in too. If you’re more Country Living than Harper’s Bazaar, a leather Chelsea boot is perfect for dodging puddles on dog walks and will look polished with your quilted coat.

If you feel like impressing your kids with your eye for streetwear, opt for a trendy pair of trainers that can take you from the school run to your David Lloyd’s club without a second thought. The key here is to pick something leather (or faux) so they’re easy to clean with a durable thick sole that can withstand all your hard work.

Tip 5: Raise your standards and your waistband

The high rise waistband is back and better than ever. No matter your body shape, high rise jeans and trousers are incredibly flattering and perfect for tucking your shirts into for an effortless, chic look.

What better way to lead by example when trying to teach your children to tuck their school shirts in? Check out JD William’s ‘Shape & Sculpt’ jeans rangethat comes in a variety of cuts with a high waisted silhouette and a hidden Magisculpt waistband to hold your tummy in. For fashionable gym wear for your Legs, Bums & Tums classes, we highly advocate Lululemon leggings in their Wunder Under Hi-Rise and Alignstyles that have thick high rise waistbands to cover your core.

What are the fashion tips that you live by as a stylish mum? Let us know on our Facebook page.

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