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Does it take long to remove scale when you start using softened water?

You will start to notice the softened water removing existing scale from your home within two weeks. The time it takes to disappear completely will depend on the amount of scale you already had in your home.  

Typically, you can expect  

  • In 6 weeks, scale will be gone from your kettle.
  • In months, scale will be gone from your hot water cylinder (or the heat exchanger in your combi boiler).
  • In 2 years, scale will be gone from the rest of your pipework.

Will a water softener remove existing scale 

Hard water comes into the home containing approximately 300 ppm of calcium carbonate. After it passes through a water softener, this level is greatly reduced. 

This means when the softened water enters your pipes, it can dissolve the chalk and limescale deposits that have built up – reflecting the natural process when water goes underground to create cave networks. Over time, hardness is removed from your pipes by your water softener and flushed out through your taps or water-fed appliances, and down the drain. During the period when the limescale is being dissolved, a small amount will be present in the softened water that comes out of your taps. 

You’ll soon start to see a reduction in limescale build-up in your kettle and other household appliances that use the softened water. 

Moving house 

If you move house and take your water softener to your new home, you may notice that the water quality isn’t as good as in your previous houseThe new home may have scale buildup in the pipework. It will take time before your water softener removes the existing scale and the water feels as soft as in your old house. 

Our water softeners help you around the home in so many ways. Softened water can prevent limescale build-up in taps, pipes and appliances. Many people think it tastes better than hard water, and it’s much softer on skin. Contact us