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How do I change my water filter?

The filter for your drinking water is there to improve the quality of your water and to make sure that the water from the tap always tastes great – for drinking and in your cooking.  

How often you should change a water filter will depend on general usage and the number of people using your water supply. Our water filters are designed and built to last for 12 months. 

Our water filters have an innovative design that’s easy to install when you need to replace your water filterSimply unscrew your old one (same movement as a lightbulb) then screw the new one in. Once the water runs clear, you have successfully replaced your water filter.  

We’ve prepared this short video to show you how to replace a water filter. 

Types of water filter 

We offer both activated carbon and So Clear filters – the one to choose will depend on the drinking water system you have installed.  

The majority of water filters sold use activated carbon in one form or another. 

When water passes through the carbon, organic contaminants are adsorbed onto the high surface area. It will also reduce chlorine – and, as organics and chlorine are the main causes of complaints about the taste, odour and colour of the water supply, activated carbon filters are very popular for the treatment of water for drinking purposes. 

Our So Clear Filter works with the So Clear drinking water system which adapts to all kinds of kitchens and can function without electricity. The filter is simple to use, technologically advanced and super compact, bringing you better-tasting water, purified of unpleasant tastes and odours, directly from your kitchen tap. 

Find out more about our drinking water filters 

View our range of water filters – they’re all compatible with our drinking water taps. We offer both active carbon and So Clear filters, so that you can keep your water clear of unwanted minerals. Find out more today