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How many people drink softened water?

Millions of people drink softened waterIn some parts of the US, almost everyone needs a water softener because of the hardness of the groundwater. Millions of others are bought by customers around the world who want to protect their homes from limescale damage. Others choose softened water because it’s kinder on skin, makes cleaning easier or reduces the costs and environmental impact of cleaning products. 

Softened water is safe to drink. Many people choose to have a drinking water tap installed at the same time as their softener, because they prefer the taste of harder water.  

But there’s no right answer to which one tastes best! It really depends what you are used to. If you grew up in a soft water area, you might well prefer the taste of soft water. If you are used to drinking hard water, that’s the one you will probably like better. 

When we fit a Harvey water softener, we also install a hard water drinking tap as standard. This means you can decide which water to consume. You can choose softened or unsoftened water for your drinks and cooking. 

The World Health Organisation’s (WHO) position on drinking softened water is: “There are no firm conclusions on whether it poses long-term health risks so no health-based guidelines are proposed.”  

In over 90 years, there has never been a reported health-related problem associated with a water softener.  

However, using softened drinking water isn’t recommended for mixing baby feeds or for those on a low-sodium diet prescribed by a medical practitioner.  

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