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Your Harvey Water Softener User Guide

Got a Harvey Water Softener and need a little help with it? Our guide covers everything from what it does, to how to fill it with block salt and who to contact if you have any questions or service enquiries.

You can view and download the guide here:

Handy tips – How it works

A water softener works by removing the magnesium and calcium present in your water supply through a process of ion exchange, turning it from hard water to softened water.
Find out more here: Water softener – How it works

Laundry  & washing

Softened water will reduce the amount of detergent you need. Now you’ll only need small quantities of fabric conditioner, washing powder or liquid.

We don’t recommend that you use softened water in steam irons.

Kitchen & bathroom

You’ll need less time and fewer cleaning products to make your kitchen and bathroom shine.

More info here: Water softener – Benefits fewer products

The element inside your kettle might change colour once you start boiling softened water – this is perfectly normal.

Food & drink

Softened water is safe to drink, more info here: Is softened water safe to drink.

If you are on a low sodium diet, it isn’t recommended to drink softened water. It’s advised not to mix baby feed with softened water.

Garden & plants

We recommend that you continue to use hard water to water your garden.

That’s why your outside tap should still be on the hard water supply, more info here: Can I use softened water in my garden.


Check with your aquarium supplier before using softened water. Softened water is safe for your pets to drink unless they are on a low sodium diet.


For replenishing the salt supply of your Harvey Water Softener, find out more here: Why do I need water softener salt

Why do I need to use block salt?

Salt is needed to ensure your softener continues to run at optimum efficiency and we sell the block salt you need in many multipack sizes. View more here.

What happens if I don’t replenish the block salt?

Without block salt, your water won’t be softened, more info here: What happens if I run out of salt.

How do I put in the fresh block salt?

Follow the steps here: How do I refill the block salt

Our promise

Your Harvey Water Softener comes with a one year guarantee. For this to remain valid, you need to use block salt purchased from Harvey Water Softeners or one of our approved suppliers. All our water softeners are approved by the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS).