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How does the water softener draw the brine from the salt compartment into the cylinder to regenerate the resin?

The brine is drawn into the cylinder by means of a reduction in fluid pressure, using a venturi valve. 

This device uses the flow of water under pressure. As the water passes through the venturi, the compression and subsequent expansion creates a vacuum. It is this vacuum that draws the brine into the cylinder and carries out regeneration. 

To understand more about the science and technology of how your water softener works, read our stepbystep guide. You can also find out more about regeneration and about the resin used in our water softeners. 

To keep your water softener running smoothly, you’ll need to replace the salt in your system regularly. Check the salt chamber – if your water softener salt is running out, stock up on pure A-grade quality salt for home delivery from our online shop. Buy now.