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Oxford can finally say Goodbye to Limescale and Hello to a Better Lifestyle

  • Reduce mineral build-up in pipes and appliances
  • Extend the lifespan of water-using appliances
  • Water that is soft on skin and hair
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The HarveyArc
Water Softener​

Our UK-made water softener is ultra-reliable, eco-friendly, and compact. It merges top-tier twin-cylinder softening tech with a WiFi-enabled i-Lid for easy salt level monitoring via our app.

  • Compact design
  • Energy-efficient​
  • Modern, stylish design
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Did you know?

Oxford has an average Hard Water PPM (parts per million) of 317.18.

That means you live in a VERY HARD WATER area which puts you at risk of:

  • Increased Limescale build-up in pipework, water-using appliances and on surfaces which means costlier repair bills and abrasive cleaning products.
  • Reduced efficiency of heat exchangers in water tanks and reduced flow in pipes, leading to higher energy bills.
  • Hair and Skin feeling dry and listless as your body’s essential oils are stripped by hard water.

Reduce and remove the risk of limescale with a Harvey Water Softener! Get your no-obligation quote today!

How hard is my water?

Use our water hardness tester to find out how hard the water is in your postcode area. At a level of 100ppm or more, you could benefit from a water softener.

parts per million

Oh no! Unfortunately, we do not have data for your precise area but you could still benefit from a water softener. Contact our team for more information.

Benefits of HarveyArc water softener - Harvey Offer

The daily benefits of a water softener

Save up to *£1000

4x less cleaning products and save money on your energy bills. (*source)

Protect your home appliances

Household appliances last longer thanks to limescale-free water.

Take care of your body

Softened water protects your skin and hair from drying out.

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Hard Water Troubles Making Life Difficult?

Scale Buildup on Appliances

Scale Buildup on Appliances

Hard water leaves behind a chalky residue known as limescale. This can accumulate on faucets, showerheads, and inside pipes, reducing water flow and making cleaning more challenging.

Reduced Lifespan of Plumbing

Reduced Lifespan of Plumbing

Over time, the mineral deposits from hard water can accumulate in pipes and fixtures, leading to reduced water flow and potentially costly plumbing repairs.

a hand holding a magnifying glass in front of an arm with eczema

Dry and Irritated Skin

Hard water contains minerals like calcium and magnesium, which can leave a residue on the skin. This can lead to dryness, irritation, and a feeling of "tight" or uncomfortable skin after washing.

Dull and Lifeless Hair

The mineral buildup from hard water can make hair feel heavy, dull, and difficult to manage. It can also cause hair color to fade more quickly.

Decreased Efficiency of Appliances

Limescale buildup can also occur inside appliances like washing machines, dishwashers, and coffee makers. This can lead to decreased efficiency, higher energy bills, and a shortened lifespan for these appliances

Discover the 7 wonders of Harvey Water™

Soft on skin

  • More lather means you can use fewer abrasive products on skin
  • Simple soaps produce as much lather as bubble baths
  • There is no residue left on the skin

Longer lasting appliances

  • Scale can fur up heating elements
  • With softened water scale will slowly diminish
  • Appliances will become more efficient and last longer

Shinier home

  • Less limescale on kitchen and bathroom surfaces
  • No residue left behind on glassware and crockery
  • Cleaning time around the home will be reduced

Less time cleaning

  • Reduced limescale cuts down on scrubbing
  • Cleaning lasts longer with less build-up
  • You can spend more time doing the things you love

Bigger bubble baths

  • Products lather better
  • Less scum means more bubbles
  • Enjoy even more bubbles, with even less product
Piggy bank wearing sunglasses

Cheaper bills

  • Pipes descale over time making your hot water system more efficient
  • You will use fewer products, saving money
  • Household appliances last longer

Fewer products

  • Less scale and scum means you will require fewer products
  • Softened water lathers better so less of the same product is needed
  • Expensive products will become a thing of the past

Personalised Advice

More than 6,000 happy customers

Innovative Products

Why should you choose the UK’s leading water softening company?

HarveyArc Water Softener Under Sink

HarveyArc: our best-selling Water Softener solution

  • Its compact design is perfect for the average family home
  • It doesn’t require electricity to work
  • Regenerates only when needed, saving water and salt
  • Harvey mobile app let’s you monitor salt levels, order replacement salt and get quick and easy support
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Better for you, better for the environment

  • Accurate metering – Measures every drop of water, meaning no water is wasted
  • Eco-cabinet – The cabinet is made from recycled Polypropylene from a clean source
  • Robust testing – 1 million test cycles to make our product robust and reliable
  • Twin cylinder system – Twin cylinder design allows 24/7 softened water with no interruptions
  • Advanced resin bead – Using the highest grade resin allows more efficient capture of limescale particles
  • Parallel system – Continuous fresh water supply. No water is left in a cylinder for a period of time

Reliable Service and Expertise

With decades of experience in water treatment solutions, we take pride in our commitment to your satisfaction. Our dedicated team of experts is always ready to assist you in finding the perfect water softener for your unique needs. From installation to ongoing maintenance, we are here to ensure that your system operates smoothly.

Find out what more than 6,000 satisfied customers say about us

Carly from Southampton

“I moved to Southampton, a particularly hard water area, from Devon. I started suffering with severe eczema – hard water was a shock to the system, I didn’t realise it would have such an impact. I developed eczema that was so severe, I gave my son his first bath when he was 1.
The Harvey team were helpful, friendly and put my mind at ease. They made the whole process easy – it has completely changed my life.”

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Why is a Harvey Water Softener™ better than an alternative product?

What makes a Harvey Water Softener so special? As the leading UK brand of domestic water softeners, we’re incredibly proud of the exceptional quality and design of our Made in Britain machines (in recognition of our efforts to promote excellence in research and development for British manufacturing). We have decades of experience developing the best ...  Read More >

Is softened water safe to drink?

Softened water is considered safe to drink in the majority of cases. How can water that contains salt be safe to drink? Softened water is safe to drink. There are a few precautionary exceptions but it’s a mainly a matter of preference whether you choose to drink it. Many people choose to have a drinking water tap installed at ...  Read More >

Does my water softener need servicing?

Our water softeners don’t need any servicing. We’ve designed them with easy maintenance and ownership in mind. To keep them running efficiently and performing to their best, all you need to do is keep them topped up with salt.  This isn’t typical of all water softeners, so we do recommend that if you’re comparing makes and models that you take maintenance and ...  Read More >

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