Acid descaling of a house

In this video, Harvey visits a house in the Ashford area where they have such a bad problem with limescale that their system is almost completely blocked. When the hot tap is turned on, nothing but a trickle comes out – even though the house was descaled only a year before!

The shower runs cold all the time, and it takes two and a half hours to run a bath.

A plumber has been called in to descale the house again. He is used to seeing this problem, given the hard water in the area. He is going to flush the system with acid to clear the limescale away – something he does for about four houses each week in the Ashford area.

The householder has attempted to address the issue with a Scale Wizard – a water conditioning device (sometimes called a no salt water softener) that attaches to the pipework, and uses magnetic fields to stop the limescale building up inside the pipes. However, as he explains, it has done nothing to stop the problem happening again.

Three hours later – and at a cost of over a hundred pounds – hot water is flowing again from the taps. And this time, the householder has a Harvey water softener fitted – so this should be the last time the job needs doing. A water softener removes 100% of the limescale from the water, so problems like this are completely eliminated.