Softened water in your kitchen

Are your energy bills higher than those of your friends in other parts of the UK? Do you feel like you are constantly descaling your kettle, bath and shower head? Do your windows never look completely clean?

There’s one common cause for all of these household problems: hard water.


Are you buying a new dishwasher every four years? Do you find that your pots are never 100% clean? Does your kettle often need rescaling?

All of these are signs of the impact that hard water is having in your kitchen. If your water was softened instead…

  • Your dishwasher and other kitchen appliances would have a longer operating life. This would save you money as depreciation of appliances can be costly: costing the average family of four around £13.49 per month.  Using softened water would eradicate this cost.
  • Your washing machine would be more effective and you’d spend less on washing detergent. When you wash your clothes in hard water, some of the detergent is used to neutralize the calcium, leaving less to clean your clothes properly. You have to compensate by using more detergent per wash, which costs you more money. Reducing the hardness of the water in your home can save 1.8kg of washing powder for every 1000 litres of soft water. (10 German degrees, water hardness). Find out more about our washing powder that’s made for soft water
  • It will also result in more effective stain removal. A Scientific Services Study found that stains were removed more easily in washing machines supplied with softened water, set to the lowest temperature and using a low dose of detergent, than in machines using hard water, set at the highest temperature and using the highest dose of detergent. So softening your water saves detergent and energy, reducing the strain on your pocket and the environment.
  • Your kettle will remain scale free and there’ll be no cloudy haze on top of your ‘cuppa’.
  • Your taps will never need descaling and your drinks won’t be overpowered by the high mineral content of hard water.

Hard water can cause unsightly water marks on your appliances and bathroom surfaces. This is due to the harsh minerals within the water itself. A water softener can remove these minerals and leave your home sparkling clean! Find out more about how a water softener could reduce the amount of time you spend cleaning. 

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