10 Weird Cleaning Solutions That Actually Work

The average household spends £35 a week on household goods and services including cleaning products. Nobody wants a dirty home. Did you know that you don’t have to clean everything with chemicals and bleach sprays? There are a lot of other weird and wonderful methods to make your house shine again, and we think you’re probably not have going to have heard of every method on this list.

1.Lemon in the microwave
We don’t advise this method for cooking a lemon, but it is great for cleaning. Simply pop a lemon in a bowl, cut in half and squeeze a good bit of the juice out. Then turn the microwave on for a minute or two and get the sponge ready. The lemon juice makes any stains and food marks in the microwave so easy to get off you’ll be annoyed you’ve never done this before.

2. Cola in the pipes
This is one of the weirder solutions we have but the results are great! Any cola drink regardless of branding will work for this. You just take the bottle and pour it down the sink, toilet or bathroom plug to unblock quickly. The coke reacts with the blockages and fizzes them away. It does make you think what it’s doing to your body though!

3. Cola for tin openers
In a similar fashion to the previous tip, any rusty tin openers you have can be brought back to life with the same fizzy drink. Fill a glass or cup about halfway and pop the rusty end in and leave it overnight. You should find in a day, maybe two, the rust is gone and your tin opener is working perfectly.

4. Baking soda on your sofa
This will only work for fabric sofas, but for the leather alternatives, you can use shoe polish on any cracks! Firstly you’re going to brush off any excess dirt then sprinkle lots of baking soda over the sofa. Wait around half an hour and then bring the hoover in for the final clean. This will leave your sofa feeling fresh and dirt free as the baking soda tackles any nasties in your fabrics.

5. Toothbrush on the keyboard
Take a look at your keyboard now. Is it filled with crumbs and other little annoyances? Well just get a toothbrush in there. Don’t be too rigorous as you don’t want to damage the keys or pull them out. A little clean with a toothbrush and wipe down with an antibacterial wipe will have it clean and beautiful, just make sure you aren’t commenting first!

6. Playdough and glitter
Had a recent craft session – fancy dress and glitter still everywhere? Well if you have any playdough around the house, it eats up glitter and saves a lot of hassle trying to hoover, wipe or brush it up. You also will have glitter playdough now, so it’s an upgrade really.

7. Wash in the blender
This one has been staring you in the face for months and you’ve never thought to do it. Instead of taking apart the blender, just put the soapy water in the blender itself. Turn it on and it cleans itself – genius!

8. Mayonnaise on furniture
We promise this works and doesn’t make your furniture smell disgusting. If you’ve got a wooden cabinet that’s a bit stained and discoloured for example, you can spread mayo all over it. Just apply a good layer, leave for 10 minutes then wipe away, you’ll notice the difference right away!

9. Tennis ball for wall scratches
This really needs to be a relatively fresh tennis ball, so an old one you’ve had in the garage for 10 years might not do the trick. Perhaps when you were moving some furniture around the other week you accidentally scuffed the wall, those annoying black lines and grazes are no problem for a tennis ball. Seriously, just rub the tennis ball against those marks and they should come out.

10. Tea for window streak
Dirty rain may have left marks on your windows, or hard water is leaving marks on your shower splash guard, either way, they don’t look good. Take a spare spray bottle, pop a tea bag in and fill with water, it doesn’t have to be hot. Spray the windows and wipe away with newspaper and you will notice the difference immediately.

Hard water can cause unsightly water marks on your appliances and bathroom surfaces. This is due to the harsh minerals within the water itself. A water softener can remove these minerals and leave your home sparkling clean! Find out more about how a water softener could reduce the amount of time you spend cleaning.

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